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Israel's election results reflect a loss of leftist, not rightist, societal influence

 Analyst, Arlene Kushner from Israel, casts Israel's election results differently than the mainstream (liberal) media journalists:  
On at least one occasion, following the pattern of the media, I alluded to the "Center-Left" bloc of parties as versus the Right-Religious bloc of parties.  But, in fact, this is a misleading way of conceptualizing the situation. 
More accurately, there is the Left. And there is the Right.  Both of which are likely to be ideological.  And then there are parties that are centrist: neither left nor right ideologically but drawing a bit from each on various issues and more likely pragmatic.  
The way the media had it, the Center-Left and the Right were about equal in number of mandates acquired (excluding the fact that the Arab parties were factored in on the Left).  This leads to the conclusion that the Right has gotten weaker -- or, conversely, that the Left has gotten stronger.  Which impression the left-leaning media are quite content to convey.  ...  Where is the shift from right to left that is being discussed?

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