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Americans parade love and support for Israel's independence- Celebrate Israel Parade

On May 14, 1948 of the Gregorian calendar, Israel declared her sovereignty. Independence Day is celebrated in Israel according to the lunar, Hebrew, on the 5th of Iyar. (This year, it fell on April 27th).

Enjoy JooTube's first-hand, video clips from the Celebrate Israel Parade held on New York City's Fifth Avenue. This event honoring Israel's 63rd birthday was held on June 5, 2011. The video segments include comments by Israel Amb. Michael Oren, Rep. Elliot Engel, Rep Charles Rangel, Grand Marshalls Eugene Gluck (a holocaust survivor) and Joseph Sitt of Thor Equities- who is redeveloping Coney Island.
Tens of thousands participated- see who you recognize.

(To advance through the 100 clips, click the "Next" button to the right of the "Play" button).

Ambassador Michael Oren said that on this day, America's love for Israel is on display- and the Israelis should be aware of it.  NY's Channel 5 (Fox local) broadcast the event live, co-hosted by Fox reporter John Huddy and Israeli actress and model Becky Griffin.

The 2012 Celebrate Israel Parade will be held on June 3rd, 2012. Feel free to share the playlist or any of the clips (with attribution to JooTube.TV).


Helen Freedman said...

Exciting to see this wonderful footage. Unfortunately, the June 3 2012 parade will include detractors and defamers of Israel under the banner of the New Israel Fund. It's too bad the supporters have to be sullied by the destroyers.

DemoCaster said...

"Celebration Israel" Parade, the largest demonstration of pro-Zionism support outside Israel's borders, to include participation by leftist-Jewish, anti-Zionist activist groups