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Pure Jewish souls sacrificed during week of Vayikra, detailing the laws of korbanot

Slain Rabbi Jonathan Sadler, 30, with sons, Arieh 5, 
Gavriel, 3, and Monsonego family's daughter, Miriam, 7 
The families that sacrificed their children in Toulouse, France were pious, pedigreed Jews with a special mission,, Israeli Jewish leaders acknowledge.

Bryan Bijaoui, 17, shot struggling with assailant
In Israel National News, an uncle of Chava Malka (the mother of slain schoolgirl, Miriam Monsonego), tells of the family's yichus and the coincidental circumstances surrounding the shooting of Miriam, Rabbi Jonathan Sadler, and his two sons, Arieh and Gavriel. Hospitalized in serious condition with gunshot wounds in his heart and lung is Bryan Bijaoui, 17, a student at Ozar ha Torah who tried to save Miriam Monsonego.

Yehuda Meshi Zahav, the chairman of special burial group- ZAKA, relates how French mother, Chava Malka Monsonego, hugging her deceased daughter Miriam at the funeral home in Jerusalem, requested that he convey this week at the Western Wall of the Beit Hamikdash "how I brought her first-fruits to Jerusalem- that I brought the best of my children as a sacrifice to G-d.

A friend of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler's family, Yaakov ben-Shushan, relates that at a farewell party thrown by Jonathan Sandler's kollel before the Sandler family's 2-year assignment to France, Jonathan cried more than anyone could understand.

Mr. ben-Shushan believes that Jonathan's soul probably felt where he was going, as it says in the Talmud. He himself did not know where he was going, but his soul feared that he was going to a mission from which he wouldn't come back.

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