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Yaffa Yarkoni, 1925-2012: The voice of Israel in war and peace

Yaffa Yarkoni, one of Israel's greatest and best-loved singers, passed away Sunday in Tel Aviv at the age of 86, following a battle with Alzheimer's disease.

Lyricist Avi Koren, a close friend of the singer's for 45 years, recalled yesterday that Yarkoni, an Israel Prize laureate, once said to him: "Look how I am fooling the entire world - after all, I have no voice."

"She may not have had a voice, but she was the voice of the country. My mother listened to Yaffa Yarkoni; my grandson listens to Yaffa Yarkoni; and she accompanied us, the members of my generation, all our lives," Koren said yesterday."At the age of four, we sang her children's songs; as teenagers, we danced to the sounds of her ballroom tunes. During the Six-Day War, she came to perform at outposts at which our friends fought. She was there all the time."
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Yaffa Yarkoni sings "Davar Lo Od" ("Nothing More") in this clip from Gil Shani.

Yaffa Yarkoni was known as the singer of the wars, a tradition that began during her own IDF service in the War of Independence.

She was known as the singer of the wars, a sobriquet that she detested, but when Yaffa Yarkoni, Israel’s queen of song who delighted generations of children, soldiers and all audiences died on Sunday only a week after her 86th birthday, she was remembered more for fading out of the limelight. 

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