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Rabbi Nachum Shifren challenges Univ of Cal Irvine decision to prohibit Dr. Terry Jones from speaking

The University of California at Irvine has earned a reputation for the radical, anti-Israel activities of Muslim advocacy groups, particularly the Muslim Student Union. They host an annual anti-Zionist, Israel Apartheid Week. Their conspiracy to disrupt a speech by Israel's Ambassador Michael Oren in 2010 resulted in a convictions and a banning of the MSU on campus for a semester. Events they have organized bring radical Islamists who have incited "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" and contribute to an uncomfortable climate for Jews and Zionists.

A pro-America and Israel "Stand Up America Now" rally organized for Thursday, December 1st by Dr. Terry Jones and Pastor Wayne Sapp was precluded by UCI administration. Jones and Sapp were confronted by the UC Irvine Police Department and, by order of the University Chancellor, threatened with arrest when they arrived for a scheduled interview with journalism Associate Professor Carol Burke in advance of the rally.  

The Administration cited safety concerns as the reason to prohibit Dr. Jones from speaking. What's more,  police issued both men citations - and warned them that they would be arrested if they would return to the campus within a week.

US Senate candidate Rabbi Nachum Shifren (I-CA) and other supporters of Stand Up America Now were escorted off campus. Parts of the University were shut down in order to prevent the rally (and the scheduled counter-rally) from taking place. 

Dr Terry Jones and Wayne Sapp declared their intention to pursue legal action against the University.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren believes that the administration was not incapable of providing adequate security for the conservative speakers, but more like unwilling.  In our exclusive video interview, Shifren alleges that the Administration is acting in the interest of
Muslim power in the school, in prohibiting Stand Up America Now's criticism of radicalism, Islamism, and jihadism.

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RememberGushKatif! said...

It seems that SOME folks do not want to hear the truth. Great job, Rabbi.