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Occupy Wall Street movement rationalizes Christian anti-Semitism with classic, socialist anti-Semitism

The leftist, Occupy (Wall Street) Movement is rife with Jewish conspiracy - which depicts Jews as historically controlling and determining nature and human destiny. It presents an explanation of the world by attributing such extreme powers to its motive force—the Joos!


Top blogger, Debbie Schlussel, writes in article Occupy Wall Street Morons & Jew-Hatred; Plus Sean Hannity’s Attack on Wall St is the Same "Muslim and pro-Palestinian groups have set up tables to pass out their pamphlets of hate against Israel and the Jews."

Learn more about leftist anti-Semitism in Briton, Steve Cohen's 1984 book, "That's Funny- You Don't Look Anti-Semitic - An anti-racist analysis of left anti-Semitism."

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