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Distracting ourselves from fighting our enemies by fighting one-another and our allies

Jews avoid opposing leftists' and Muslims' Nazi-esque, "Destroy Israel" rally in Trafalgar Square, to concentrate on objecting to Glenn Beck assuming Zionist leadership void- from Israel from JooTube.TV

Cyber-journalist Richard Millett has chronicled Sunday's Trafalgar Square, Anti-Israel Rally:

The leader in the rally video declares, “You can’t take an army, which is a nation’s army, a terrorist nation’s army, and defeat it with sincere small fighters. It needs some of those states around to release their armies to burn that land and then that region will see peace like it had in the past. Because the only time that land has seen peace between Muslim, Christian and Jew living side by side was when sincere Islamic rulers ruled with justice.”

Al Quds Day was creatively subtitled “End the Siege, End the Occupation, End the Israeli Apartheid”, but for brevity they might just have subtitled it “End Israel”.Placards, see below, were held up which read: Israel Your Days are Numbered; Death to Israel; Down, down Israel; For World Peace Israel Must Be Destroyed; The World Stopped Nazism, The World Must Stop Zionism; We are All Hizbollah.

Where were the Jews? by Barry Shaw in The View from Israel

Certainly, there were no Israeli flags to be seen in the picture. I searched the internet expecting to see that there had been a turn out in support of Israel. Maybe, they were there but the press had, as usual, overlooked them? But no. Apparently the heads of the Jewish and Zionist bodies in Britain were below the barricades, or sleeping on the job!

As an Israeli, and one active in hasbara for Israel, I demand to know why the voice of British Jewry was not shouting out loud and clear as we were being attacked? If they weren't outside the Israeli Embassy, why weren't they outside the Palestinian diplomatic mission in London protesting Palestinian terror tactics against my country? Or don't they care enough to get up and become pro-active?

If I were a Jew in Britain, and cared for Israel, I would demand to know what these so-called pro-Israel professionals are doing? certainly, they are not hyper-active when it comes to moments of crisis for the Jewish state.

If these people can't do what they are paid to do, let them move over and allow other, fresher, and more dynamic people take over. 

As you can tell, I am one angry Israeli who is disgusted with the country of my origin - and glad to be out of there.

An alternative perspective is offered in this 
Op/Ed by Roger Cohen in the Sunday New York Times 
"Jews in a Whisper"  

"Now a ferocious anti-Zionism of the left — the kind that has called for academic boycotts of Israel — has joined the mix, as has some Muslim anti-Semitism. Meanwhile Islamophobia has been fanned by the rightist fabrication of the “Eurabia” specter — the fantasy of a Muslim takeover that sent Anders Breivik on his Norwegian killing spree and feeds far-right European and American bigotry. 
Where then should a Jew in Britain who wants to speak up stand? 
Not with the Knesset members who have met in Israel with European rightists like Filip Dewinter of Belgium in the grotesque belief that they are Israel’s allies because they hate Muslims. Not with the likes of the Jewish writer Melanie Phillips, whose book “Londonistan” is a reference for the Islamophobes. Nor with those who, ignoring sinister historical echoes, propose ostracizing Israeli academics and embrace an anti-Zionism that flirts with anti-Semitism.  
But rather than deal with the Muslim/Leftist challenge to Zionism, many Jews prefer to distract themselves by opposing the one defender of Jews standing up in Jerusalem this week - along with thousands of Zionistic supporters he has gathered there from around the world. But these Jews are rejecting their initiative, even without an alternative of their own. 

An example of Mr. Beck's Restoring Courage effort is this appearance in Israel by actor and avowed philo-Semite, Jon Voight, speaking here from Beck's rally.


auge Mr. Beck's sincerity and commitment to fighting anti-Semitism from this speech he delivered in Washington last month, excerpted in this JooTube.TV video:

Why Jews should be uncomfortable with Glenn Beck
 from Jewish Israel, July 11,'11

Pro-Israel, politically conservative blogger Pamela Geller may have hit upon something in an article she wrote for the American Thinker:
"Glenn Beck is taking a stand and standing for the good. This is righteous. My only concern, and it’s a big one, is the context in which he’s framing his position. Glenn Beck is making a religious case for the defense of Israel. And I take exception to that. While of course the religious argument can be made, the defense of Israel is not a religious issue. This is an issue of shared values. This is an issue of humanity, decency, and morality. The case for Israel is plain for agnostics and atheists as well. Beck should not risk giving the impression that if you don’t buy religious arguments, then there is no reason to stand in the defense of Israel."

Debate on Beck Rages – ‘A Unique Gentile Who Loves Israel’ from Israel National News, 23 Aug

Glenn Beck is a “unique Gentile” who loves Israel, a leading nationalist says in response to charges that his supporters are missionaries
“This hysterical rant is embarrassing and potentially damaging to Israel. True friends for Israel is not common in our history or in current times,” said David Ha’Ivri, head of the Shomron (Samaria) Liaison Office after former Jerusalem councilwoman Mina Fenton’s criticism of Beck appeared in Arutz Sheva
Beck is holding a massive “Restoring Courage” rally at 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Davidson Visitors Center, adjacent to the Western Wall. An overflow rally will be held simultaneously at Safra Square, home to Jerusalem’s city hall and several hundred feet from the popular Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall in downtown Jerusalem.
On Wednesday, 24 August, Mr. Beck's Restoring Courage event will be webcast on GBTV.com

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