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Torah-true Rabbis challenge Jewish Voice for Peace rallying with Muslims against Israel's founding

Rabbi Menachem Weiss is angry that the Jewish Voice for Peace helped bring Muslim and Christian activists opposing the founding of Israel as a Jewish state to rally outside the Holocaust-aversion, Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance on Sunday 15 May. 


"They lie. They say that this is about peace. But they are saying that the day that Israel was established in 1948 is a disaster - it never should have happened. They don't want just a Palestinian state. They want the eradication of not only the Israeli state, but all Jews. And in front of the Holocaust Museum - they will sit and they will protest - and they pretend that it's about peace. But Hamas wants every single Jew dead. It's in their Charter and they say it publicly. You can go on YouTube you can see it they say that having Jews out of Israel is not enough. They will not stop until every Jew is dead. And that's exactly what Hitler said, and Jews didn't stand up at that time. And I will be damned if I don't in my lifetime stand-up against the Nazis of today- the Jew-haters of today- which these people represent. What does that mean: al-Naqba? It means that its a disaster that Israel was established. Israel has a right to exist! Am Yisrael Chai! Who attacked Israel in 1948? The Arabs attacked the Jews. The Jews didn't attack the Arabs. Read your history.

I want to stand here so that people can see a proud Jew. They used to make us wear stars over here out of shame. I wear my star out of pride. And no one's gonna stop me. (To policeman confronting him:) If you want to arrest me, go ahead, I'm ready to get arrested."

Earlier that day, Jewish Voice for Peace participated in a more militant, Muslim and far-leftist, anti-Israel demonstration at the Israeli Consulate in L.A. Rabbi Moshe ("New Moses") Parry was prevented by L.A. policemen by addressing the anti-Zionist antagonists with the mystical Kabbalistic prophecy that Israel would be founded and Jerusalem would be returned to Jewish hands.

Rabbi Parry explains that Jews are G-'ds designated guardians of His land- and that it is that religious designation which the Muslims are seeking to eradicate and assume.

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