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Israel is 3600, not 64 years old, despite Arab campaign to rewrite history & reconquer Jewish lands - Daniel Doron

Israel is legitimate, despite Arab tricks to rewrite history & reconquer Jews, explains Daniel Doron, president of the Israel Center for Social and Economic Progess.

On the occasion of Israel's 3,600 birthday (64 years in modern sovereign state), Daniel Doron presents a brief history of the establishment of the Arab and Israeli states.

The post-WWI, European divvy of Ottoman lands granted 98% of Mid-East for Arab states and 2% (Palestine & Trans-Jordan) for the Zionist homeland in Israel.

Following World War I, the Ottoman Empire was carved into states, on the condition that 2% would go to re-establish the Jewish National Home in Palestine, Arabs accepted the all of the remaining the territory for their states. The Arabs later reneged, and the British stripped 80% of Palestine away from the Jews to create Trans-Jordan, despite the fact that all "Palestine" had been designated as a Jewish National Home.

Still, the status of West Bank of the Jordan River has never been resolved, but the currently applying law permits both Jews and Muslims to own land and reside there. Daniel Doron contends that Moslem intolerance of traditionally subjugated Jews being equal to them or autonomous causes them to undermine the true history, present, & future of the Middle East. Mr. Doron penned this OpEd in Forbes, as to why the world should stop pressuring Israel to cede land to create an irredentist, Muslim state in Palestine.

Say No To A Palestinian State by Daniel Doron
Obama's ''solutions'' will endanger Israel.   Forbes.com  May 16, 09

Irving Kristol said that whomever the Gods want to teach humility they first tempt to resolve the Middle East conflict. ...

The chances that the U.S. will be able to assure that the Palestinian Arab state will live in peace with Israel are very small indeed. For powerful historic, political, social and economic reasons, all Arab states have evolved dictatorial regimes and rapacious elites. They rationalize their oppression by fomenting hatred against other nations, especially against non-Muslims. A Palestinian Arab state will not be an exception.

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