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Westboro Baptists desecrate "Hatikvah"; reveal classic Christian bigotry against Jews for killing "our Lord", aims to convert 'cursed' Jews

Jewish Israel website exposed, in December 2009, Westboro Baptists Church's mocking of the Israeli national anthem in: Christian Fundamentalist Fringe Group Hijacks Hatikvah

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Based on a report in the Oklahoma Daily, it seems Westboro’s Jacob Phelps family picked Rosh Hashanah to preach and teach “the truth” to the Jews at the University of Oklahoma’s Hillel House:  (Excerpt):

“We are living in our last days and these Jews need to hear the truth,” Jacob Phelps said. “We are here to send a message to them that they are responsible for killing our Lord.”

Phelps said he felt the protest was a way to send a message of salvation and warning to the Jewish community because judgment for killing Jesus is coming soon.

Part of our job at Jewish Israel is to monitor fundamentalist Christian groups which target Jews in aggressive missionary campaigns and, as much as we’d like to turn a blind eye to Westboro’s rare and freakish wrath which is largely focused on America, we couldn’t help but respond to the kidnapping and rape of Hatikvah.

Westboro Baptist Church is a “radical Christian fundamentalist church” which has taken “the right to evangelize”, democratic freedoms, and their version of the gospel message, to the outer limits and beyond – and even the most fervent evangelicals will tell you that.

Yet we’ve decided to post this video from this radical and hateful Christian group in order to:

a) Illustrate the insane limits and excesses of American- style religious freedoms and tolerance legislation, and propose that Israel should avoid calls to adopt similar problematic legislation.

b) Reveal that overt Christian anti-Semitism still manages to find expression in a society which prides itself on being, democratic, God-fearing, and tolerant.

c) Put the terms ”hate” and “radical” back in perspective and where they belong, as certain parties have been taking liberties with these words in order to vilify Jewish Israel and this writer, and attempt to connect us to serious crimes we have nothing to do with - and have condemned.

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Unknown said...

These people are truly a FRINGE group and DO NOT represent the views of the huge majority of TRUE christians!!!!!
ALL of the thousands of BORN-AGAIN Evangelicals I know would be sickened by this!