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Martin Sherman: The impracticality of a state of Palestine, but an alternate proposal- video

Martin Sherman explains specifically why a sovereign state of Palestine would be an impractical solution for insuring ongoing security for Israelis. He proposes an alternative solution. These are points which he made in the Sinai Temple debate with Peace Now's David Fine. The Jewish Journal retained exclusive video rights to the event, but their video is inaudible. Listen, watch, and judge Prof. Sherman's points for yourself. In 3 videos.

Palestinians have proven "state" would jeopardize Israel's security - Prof. Martin Sherman (3:43 sec.)

Reasons why push for Palestinian statehood will endanger Israel & the West (2:05 sec.)

A pragmatic argument for a paradigm shift from political to humanitarian solution for Gaza and West Bank Arabs and residents of Israel.(44 min)

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Anonymous said...

I've met and listed to Professor Sherman speak. He is brilliant.