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U.S. Rabbi: Washington's betrayal pressure on Israel is provoking God's wrath against America

Orthodox Rabbi Moshe Parry of Hollywood, California declares that just as America's backed dispossessions of Jews from Gaza drew Hurricane Katrina's dispossessions of Americans in 2005, Washington's betrayal of Israel (through the United Nations) to Obama Admin's beloved Islamic oil cronies is drawing G-d's backlash by destroying America in its coveted, but useless, oil.


Orthodox Rabbi Moshe Parry asserts that Obama Admin's policy shift to abandon ally Israel (who routinely votes to support the US in the U.N.) against vexatious U.N. resolutions from Islamic countries - in order to pressure Israel to cede its trusteeship of His Promised Land to Islamic conquistadors (via making the land vulnerable to a Muslim invasion via ceding land for a hostile "state of Palestine") - directly correlates with the BP oil catastrophe along the U.S. Gulf Coast. He claims that this catastrophe parallels the US-endorsed, Israeli eviction of Jewish communities from Gaza exactly 5-summers ago - which resulted in God's foisting Hurricane Katrina to dispossess Americans from their communities in America's Gulf Coast. Rabbi Parry cautions Americans to challenge the Administration over its favor of Islamic oil influence above God's covenant with the Jews for guardianship over Israel. The Rabbi is concerned that Obama's backroom policies against Israel have changed America's favor under God from blessing to curse.

He likens Obama to Pharoah, whose water G-d smote as blood, and whose Red Sea was ultimately turned back against Pharoah's soldiers to drown in it.


Unknown said...

Dear Rabbi Perry,

I hesitate to be a critic. It is a role that I'm not very comfortable.

When you call for the impeachment of Obama is it not that he is pursuing some policies that are not productive. What he is doing with the Gulf oil spill is criminal. First, he is willfully destroying property, not just the beaches but, corporate entities and intellectual property, devaluation assets (like fishing boats), gumming up waterways which prevent the economical use of shipping lanes...to name a few. Measure for Measure in this case means that Israelis and Americans have to wake up to the fact that the modern day Vandals have taken power in this country and to some extent Israel. Goyim have to do Shuva and practice the Sheva Mitzvot and Jews have to do Shuva and do Torah Mitzvot. This is a wakeup call to all Jews and American CITIZENS to change their amoral practices and return to Hashem with their hearts and minds.

Unknown said...

Obama is using the Coast Guard and other agencies at his disposal to hamper or halt the clean-up.