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Thousands brave rain to protest Obama's policies on Israel / Palestine / Iran

Phyllis Chesler in "A NYC Pro-Israel Rally"Manhattan. A driving rain and raw weather did not stop three thousand people from turning out today to stand for Israel’s right to exist and to determine its own fate. In these times, and on such a day, that is a significant number. These people did not come together to scream in hate, they did not vow to kill anyone as so many pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinian, pro-“peace” demonstrators routinely do. They came to express their love for Israel and their dismay and anger about America’s recent mistreatment of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The rally, which was called for 1pm, lasted until 4pm. Thus, people stood, shoulder to shoulder, for more than three hours in weather that kept most of us indoors. Mostly tax-paying, middle aged people, some of whom traveled a great distance to be here today; they came from as far away as Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, as well as from the five boroughs and Long Island.

In many voices, they said: Israel is not a vassal state of the United States. Israel is America’s friend and ally. Our fate as Americans is tied to Israel’s fate and to Israel’s continued existence.
(Photos courtesy Atlas Shrugs.com)

They held signs which read: “God Bless Our Ally Israel. Tea Party for Israel;” “Obama Listen Up! The American People Stand with Israel;” “You May Bow to Mitzraim (Egypt) But Keep Off Yerushalayim;” “Conference of Presidents: World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Congress, UJA. Betrayal. You Failed Us In 1939 and You’ve Failed Us Again;” “President Obama: Your Recklessness is Endangering America, Israel, and World Freedom.”  I believe that the time for gathering Jews-only or Jews-mainly in support of Israel is long over. We must now have a new kind of ingathering, one in which Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists—and of course, Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents must also start standing for Israel. Doing so, is a way of standing for human rights, democracy, freedom, Enlightenment values and–against barbarism, against Apartheid which radical political Islam, not Israel, practices both globally and locally.

I hesitate to say it, I hate to say it, but I must agree with my colleague Roger Simon: There should have been 300,000 Jews and our supporters here, not only 3,000, not even if they were extraordinary people, and if only the large Jewish and Christian organizations can turn such numbers out, then that is who must do this work. That they are not doing so is to their eternal shame.

Every Jewish and Christian school and Yeshiva should send each and every student and their entire faculties. These rallies require huge outreach, many ads, all well in advance and continuously."

Israel National News' Hana Levi Julian: "'Break the Silence' Speaker: Obama's 'Alice-in-Wonderland' Gov't"
Jeff Weisenfeld Weisenfeld spent four years as chief of staff in the city administration of former Mayor Ed Koch, a Democrat before becoming an aide to Governor George Pataki, another Republican.

Speaking late Friday afternoon in an interview with Israel National News, Weisenfeld called the current diplomatic crisis “the biggest accidental or deliberate miscalculation in American-Israeli relations made by any American president.” He added that the Obama administration's overtures to the Muslim world, and the contrast with its hostility to the State of Israel, had transformed the U.S. executive branch into a “complete Alice-in-Wonderland government. I don't want to make light of it here,” Weisenfeld said with some sarcasm, “but it's like Purim, when Mordechai becomes Haman, and Haman becomes Mordechai.”

Weisenfeld also noted that most “mainstream” Jewish community organizations did not – and could not – officially sign on to sponsor Sunday's rally for fear of retribution from the Obama administration. “The mainstream groups are about access and response to a direct threat from the White House.

“The [Jewish] Federations and their beneficiaries and subsidiaries have been warned by Rahm Emanuel to stay away from public criticism of the president on Israel. But unless the weather is horrendous,” he added, “there will be an abundance of “establishment-affiliated” people. Maybe we can wake up this president and pull him back from the abyss.”

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Eva Deutsch Costabel said...

It is about time that Jews protest the humiliating treatment of the Prime Minister of Israel when he visited President Obama. Obama takes the Jewish vote for granted, after 78% of Jews voted for him. Democrats are no longer friends of Israel and the Jewish people, they are now a radical left hostile to the Jewish State and the Jews. Among the radical left there are many "self hating Jews" who somehow think all this does not concern them.
As a Holocaust survivor myself I know very well that this kind of Jews ended up in Nazi concentration camps. By the way did the the mainstream media cover this event? If so I did not see it covered.
Eva Deutsch Costabel