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'As they did in Darfur, Islamists pursue genocide against a Jewish state,' asserts Sudan Liberation leader

The same global Islamist movement which drives and justifies Muslim genocide within Darfur, explains the Sudan Liberation Movement's founder and chairman, Abdel Wahid Al-Nour, similarly threatens Israel as a Jewish sovereign state.  He explains this in an exclusive interview with DemoCast TV, filmed in Israel at the 2009 Herzliya Policy Conference.

The Wall Street Journal published this Op/Ed by Mr. Al-Nur in June 2008: Why We Won't Talk to Sudan's Islamofascists
Over 400,000 civilians, including women and children, have been slaughtered, raped or robbed. Millions of people were chased from their land to make space for Arab settlers. By using Arab militias, the Janjaweeds, to perpetrate most of the massacres, Khartoum hoped to be able to avoid international condemnation. It was a rather transparent ploy to misrepresent the conflict as some sort of civil war beyond the regime's control. ...

Let's not forget that this Islamist regime came to power in a military coup after a disastrous election defeat. Given the horrendous crimes it has committed, Khartoum knows it would lose any free contest at the ballot box. It would therefore never allow fair elections. Despite all its goodwill, the international community is incapable of guaranteeing anything even resembling free elections in Sudan. We will not lend legitimacy to these sham elections. ...

It is inconceivable that the racist, Islamo-fascist regime in Khartoum can reform itself. It must disappear. Did the world ever attempt to "reform" the Nazi regime?
Sudan opposition leader Mr. Al-Nour supports good relations with Israel, which has absorbed thousands of Darfurian refugees. He explains his support for Sudan establishing diplomatic relations with Israel in this interview on the Dubai-based, al-Arabiya TV. (Courtesy Memri TV via Amplifier)

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