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Israel Day rally in Central Park shows support for keeping Israel strong and safe

The 16th annual Israel Day Concert was held alongside the 2009 Salute to Israel Parade at Central Park.

We filmed at the Concert last year - when Queens Rabbi David Algazi explained that an Israeli government doesn't have the authority to give away its guardianship of the ancestral Jewish holy land - for religious and for practical reasons.

Israeli nationalist radio personality, Rabbi Tovia Singer, discussed the West's responsibility in the battle between good and evil. He warns that Israel is all that stands in between apocalyptic Iran's mission - conquest of the West, including America, to Islam.

The "Israel Day Concert" organizers, Dr. Joe Frager and Dr. Paul Brody, discussed the message they hope that their concert (and rally) conveys to the public and politicians concerning keeping Israel safe and secure.


Anonymous said...

are these videos from this year or last year?

DemoCaster said...

These were filmed at the 2008 Rally, but are still pertinent.